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 2014 Chinaway Summer Program

ChinaWay 2014中国暑假志愿者社会实践项目

Chinaway’s “China Summer Project” offers American students the chance to volunteer and intern in Mainland China. Through volunteering with Chinaway, students will be able to gain real world experience and learn in a hands-on environment. Helping people in China may help students develop themselves and think more globally. Because of its excellent facilities, brilliant mentors, and fun learning environment, this is a perfect summer opportunity. Chinaway, sticking to its motto of “improve yourself and serve the world; care for others and perfect yourself,” will launch three projects in 2014, and invite students to participate in those that best interest and suit them. (Past project descriptions can be found at www.chinawayusa.com and http://blog.sina.com.cn/sfvolunteer )  

2009年起,我们通过与中国团中央青少年部,四川省教育局,团委,侨联等多个机构合作,每年组织美国高中生在暑假到中国做志愿者,认识中国,帮助中国,提高自己。这些活动使美国学生获益非浅。开拓了孩子的国际视野,锻炼了服务社会和中文运用的技能,丰富了他们社会知识与人文知识,加强了走入社会的目的性与适应力,得到了中国社区广泛关注和美国家长的赞扬。(往年项目信息见:www.chinawayusa.com, http://blog.sina.com.cn/sfvolunteer )

报名咨询 9255233098/925-265-8591/925-960-1910 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Download registration form in document page of this website -




1) Summer Computer Software Internship (Dates: June 18 – July 2)

软件暑假社会实践项目 (时间2014618日~72日)


·         学习电脑软件基本知识;

·         培训搭建动态网站的基本知识;

·         学习动漫的基本知识,完成一份自己的动漫创作;

·         参与“成都公益网站”的开发并可长期参与维护;

·         与中国社会机构交流 (如熊猫基地,文化景点,学校)

·         爱心活动,关爱中国弱势儿童

As an intern, you will learn and help China at the same time! You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of software and animation, be involved in hands-on software development, and help improve Chinese websites.Volunteers will:

·         Learn the basics of computer software

·         Learn the basics of computer animation

·         Complete your own animation projects

·         Learn how to build dynamic and engaging websites

·         Be part of a team to improve the official website of Chengdu

·         Visit cultural and social institutions (Panda centers, cultural monuments, schools)

·         Volunteer at charitable organizations and help the less-privileged children of China


 2 English Teaching Volunteer Project (Dates: June 18 – July 2)

英语支教志愿者项目 (时间20146月18日~7月2日,名额30


·         给乡村孩子介绍美国文化;

·         给中国孩子上英语口语课;

·         了解中国农村;

·         参观当地文化景点:熊猫基地,世博园等

·         爱心活动,关爱中国弱势儿童,到自闭症中心做义工


We are continuing our project to support the education of underprivileged children in Chengdu, and children in the surrounding countryside to give them the knowledge and skills to better serve their community and succeed in their lives. Volunteers will:

·         Introduce American culture to children who live in the countryside

·         Teach English classes to the children

·         Gain an appreciation and understanding of the Chinese countryside

·         Visit local cultural attractions: Panda center, Expo, etc.


·         Lead activities for underprivileged and autistic children at the Autism Center

3Volunteer project to help children left behind (Dates: July 5 – August 22. Split into two–week sessions. Though you may participate in multiple sessions, each session will only accept 10 students)

帮助留守儿童志愿者项目 (时间201475日~822日,此项目2周为一单元,可以参加两周,也可以参加多周,每期接受学生10人左右

关爱城市留守儿童,给他们提供文教活动,教英语,歌曲,绘画,手工,做游戏,锻炼自己,传播爱心, 提高孩子的中文能力。活动内容包括: 

·         在留守儿童中心照顾孩子;

·         给孩子上文化课,做游戏;

·         带孩子一起参观当地文化景点;

·         到友好家庭,体验中国生活

·         游览当地名胜


As a volunteer, you care for left-behind children in the city and provide them with cultural and educational activities, teach English, and entertain them with songs, paintings, etc. Volunteers will:

·         Work with left-behind children in child care centers

·         Improve children’s cultural awareness through songs and games

·         Visit cultural attractions with the children

·         Live with local families and experience Chinese life

·         Visit local attractions


报名要求: 软件项目接受8年级以上的学生,对于有电脑软件知识有兴趣的高中生,能超额完成项目的学生,主办方将提供奖学金。支教项目要求9年级以上的学生,愿意帮助他人,身心健康;有演讲与表达能力,有表演特长,有领导力的优先录取。能够独立上课与演讲的孩子主办方将提供高额奖学金。留守儿童项目要求9年级以上的学生,愿意帮助他人,富有爱心,有表演特长,手工,绘画,游戏等特长的优先录取。

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Computer Software Internship: Students must be in at least 8th grade, in good mental and physical health. They must be interested in Chinese culture, able to adapt to life in China, and able to work well with others. They also must be willing to learn about software development and be reliable enough to complete their work.

English Teaching Volunteering Program: Students must be at least 9th grade, in good mental and physical health, and willing to help others. They must be able to adapt to harsh living conditions and work well with others. Students with leadership qualities, performance expertise, and good communication skills will be given priority in the admissions process. Volunteer Project for Left-behind Children: Students must be in at least 10th grade, in good mental and physical health, and willing to help others. They must be caring and able to communicate effectively with children, as well as endure repetitive tasks. Students with expertise with performance, crafts, painting, or games will be given priority in the admissions process.


Download the application form at www.royalchineseacademy.org,

Mail the application form with the registration and program fees to: PO Box 5336, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

报名方式:www.chinawayusa.com网站上下载报名表,,填写后与报名费一起邮寄到地址: PO Box 5336Pleasanton, CA 94566



Registration fee (non-refundable): $50 if before April 15, $75 if April 15 or later.

Program fee: Software, $1180; English Education $990; Abandoned Children: TBD

 (Costs will cover all lodging in Chengdu, activities, transportation, visits to attractions, and insurance costs. Program fees must be paid by May 30th. A full refund will be issued if you notify us before June 18; after June 18, only 50% will be refunded.)


报名费:415日前 $50; 415日后 $75 (不退)

活动费:软件项目 $1180 ; 支教项目:$990;留守儿童:待定;

* 费用包括在成都的一切食宿,学习,活动,交通,参观及保险费用。

* 活动费用530日前必须交齐。

* 如果有事不能前往,618日前全退;618日后退:50%。




Other Ongoing Leadership Project


Writing English Textbooks for Under-privileged Students in China


Project Background:

For more than five years, ChinaWay Summer Volunteer Program has organized American students to teach under-privileged students English and American cultures in China (see: www.chinawayusa.com). To make this volunteer program more effective and to increase the leadership potential of American students, we would like to train our students to write English textbooks specifically for this summer program.


Project Specification:  

You can select any topics, articles, or vocabularies related to American school/daily life and festivals, sports, culture, society, history, politics, popular songs and games to include in the textbooks in any style (such as stories, dialogues, drawings with text, poetry, or videos). The Chinese students can range anywhere from elementary school to high school, and many know little about English and America. Think what these Chinese students want to know about you, your life, and your dream in America. You can write original pieces yourself or you can modify from existing books/textbooks/articles. Please remember to give citations if you modify from existing sources.


Skills Development:

This project requires students to observe carefully and write beautifully. Thus, it can provide American students the opportunities to develop their observation and imagination skills to see how America and China are different and similar. Students also need to think critically and creatively, so the same content can be expressed in various forms and formats, like poetry, short stories, and songs. Students will also learn how to work with others to present their work so that the Chinese students will be able to understand and appreciate it.  


How to Participate:

Send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the application. Fill the form and write a short essay to tell us how you can contribute to this project. Based on student interest, ability, and time, we will list the topics and divide students into different teams. Students can complete the task either independently or cooperatively. Student can also form their own teams. We will review their work every two weeks and provide community service hours to the students who have participated. We will also provide class and teaching simulation training after the textbooks are finished. Lastly, participating students will have priority and discounts for admissions to the ChinaWay summer volunteer program, and their names will included as contributors for the textbooks.


Call  925-265-8591 for any question.



因 而正大中文学院尝试用全新的教育方式,让孩子愉快地接触中文,自然地接受 中文,最后转换为自发地学习中文。现代教育研究表明,学习语言越早越好。我们从学前班开始让孩子接触中文,学唱儿歌,看有趣节目,做中国游戏,让他们在不 知不觉中感到中文世界的精彩有趣。然后是会话班,让孩子能听能说,让他们掌握简单日常交 流的句子与词汇,在轻松环境中学习中文。但这样的学习容易忘,所以暑假到中国游学是我们学习中文的重要环节。到中国看中文,用中文,听中文,并系统接受中 国文化的熏陶,让孩子学习中文事半功倍。